For decades, if not centuries, the traditional color for women to wear on their Wedding Day has been White, which is often seen to represent purity. This dates back to biblical times, and a woman was often expected to wear white, as it showed they were a virgin upon entering the union. While this has been the norm for many years, more and more Brides are opting for colors that represent them, putting this old standard tradition to rest.

Why did white become the color of choice?

For many years, women either wore white because it was the biblical thing to do, or they simply wore their Sunday best, if they could not afford a gown.

The marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert was the start of the modern craze with wearing the color white. She chose to wear it when that was going against the norm, and the fashion quickly caught on, as more and more brides-to-be followed suit. The color was not only simple, but also represented purity, and as a result was quickly connected to the color for all brides. As the years went on, it became more and more expected of women to wear a white gown, as a way to show her purity. In fact, this is something that for many decades may have caused women to shy away from anything else, as the social norms had changed so dramatically after the royal wedding.

Wedding dresses today

Today, it has become clear that more and more brides are straying from the white dress on their wedding day and choosing colors that are more reflective of themselves. One reason women are opting away from the traditional colors is that they do not feel any connection to the significance the color once held, as Sarah Novick told the Washington Post. Women are instead in choosing to have dresses that fully represent who they are and that they are not just picking the color that will make their family happy.

There has been in increase in the number of colors and styles that wedding dresses are taking on. It is no longer as important to follow tradition as it is to be yourself.

While older generations may still have a sense of resistance against this change in dresses, it is important that women choose the colors and styles they feel are most important to them. While many still choose to wear the simple white, it is becoming less of a taboo to wear another color, and this shows just how the views of society are changing and allowing weddings to truly be the bride's big day, without any pressure over the dress color.

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