Nothing worse can be said of anyone than that they consciously foment hurt ad harm. This is the characterization of the evil protagonist in horror epics. But I dare to say it about the sitting president of the United States. He badly needs forgiveness. But in this case, there is none of the repentance necessary to the acquisition of that balm. Our best hope is a common sense rejection of his objectives.

Evil is being done as we speak

The reality is this. The three embedded tweets on this page can serve as your dismal index of the scope of the president's conscious actions.

It would be lovely if we could say these are not conscious acts. Then we could cart him off to some place where he can be treated. But no. He does these things instinctively and he approves of everything he does. That's conscious enough to count as evil.

Blue Cross and pandemics

The first of the embeds s an Axios piece today regarding the loss of Blue Cross insurance in the Koch-run state of Kansas. Why pray tell are insurance companies hemming and hawing about selling their wares? The answer is the chaos being caused by the promulgation of legislation that no one takes seriously. The only way it will ever pass is if the GOP Senate learns to play make believe. The truth is the act is literally unbelievable.


In a reasonable world, the GOP would not act like a gang screaming repeal and replace. They would make some corrections that would work for all. As it is they are operating under the whip of a man who wants to savage a former president.

Why? Because Obama is everything the current president is not. Obama has access to the highest circles. He is celebrated by the brightest. He does not have to con people Trump gets revenge on Obama by hurting and harming the American people.

Global threats

Trump and Bannon would no doubt take a quick look at the tweet above and discount it as fake news because they do not like the name of its originator.

If you don't believe that, please investigate the theories shared by Mr. Bannon, Mr. Trump and their not so silent ally Pam Geller.

Trump does not just savage president Obama. He savages the vital organs of government, among them the Centers for Disease Control and related health research enterprises. Pandemics are real and they are ever more likely if we do not take precautions. Under Trump, our protections are endangered. Obama helped these prevention efforts. That was enough to make them anathema to Trump. Life in a schoolyard of bullies is no picnic. But that is where we are when we enter the dismal confines of today's West Wing.