The writing is on the West Wing Wall. Create chaos, all ye who enter here. The orange one was playing defense beginning yesterday. Surrogates, prepare yourselves. Learn to say fake news with a straight face. Write alternative facts. See how many Conway showers you can precipitate in a day. This is war. This is the way Donald likes it.

But do we?

How much will the public take? We will learn over the week that the chances that there will be anything like governance coming out of Washington are dismal. The GOP might begin one of its interminable recesses immediately.


The health bill is still a disaster, a feast of ignorance regarding costs and what people actually need. Trump never sent a budget bill, just some ideas now conceded to be mathematically impossible. The deficit they admit is huge will actually be double because of giving it back in tax cuts to the one percent. The wall is a joke. Given this monster vacuum, can war be far behind?

Double chaos

We have not even gotten to the actual news yet. The actual news is that Mr. Trump has allowed his vagrant tongue and probable deeds to turn into a pretext for turning the West Wing into a fortress. The fortress will be devoted to defending Mr. Trump. We will pay millions in taxes for as long as this lasts.

Billions maybe. The future is Trump and Russia. It is a reality TV show. It is the successor to The Apprentice.

Axios pins the one percent narrative

This morning Mike Allen lays out in his J. P. Morgan Chase-sponsored newsletter a tell that this is entertainment. Here is the preview, and I quote: "a years-long war." Everything will be"beefed up." The "new normal" will be "President Trump — besieged."

Big oil marches on

"We're getting street fighters ready to go," says an anonymous ally.

I cannot go on. This the narrative the true establishment wants us to imbibe. Meanwhile, actual stories take place to which no one pays any mind. Today ICE agents will terrorize someone who has lived here forever. Today someone will expire from fears of losing health care. Today public schools will suffer more indignities at the hands of Betsy De Vos.

Taming Trump

The fortress mentality also involves a continuing effort to tame President Trump. Fill his schedule so he can't tweet and get worked up by hours of watching TV. He pushes for more free time.

If Donald is on the way to doom, he surely wants to create it his own way. He is, after all, an entertainer first. Maybe the key to getting rid of Trump is getting tired of the show.