Forget being partisan. There is far too much at stake here. The liberal blame game is a stale, non-applicable "go to" answer. All one has to do for starters (since so many are unable to see what is happening) is compare any years-old video footage of Donald Trump speaking to any current video showing him talking. You won't see the incoherent ramblings we see today. You won't hear ignorant statements about historical moments of which the average seventh-grader is well-informed.

Hillary Clinton warned the public that her then-opponent Donald J. Trump was mentally unfit, but no one would listen because, well, it was Hillary Clinton -- their appointed enemy.

Since then, scores of medical professionals have come forth, risking loss of license, to warn the public of the dangers we face because of the mental defect they recognize in our president. Personally, I had been wondering since the primaries if Trump was suffering from early stages of dementia. Anyone who has been around someone or who has a family member suffering from the disease knows the signs.

Call it like it is, whatever it is

I am no doctor, just someone who has seen the effects of dementia up close by way of a family member. Malignant narcissism is bad enough, but to have any type of mental illness as a cherry on top is detrimental, especially when given high level duties such as running a country.

Normalizing the sickness is inexcusable. Trump's childish behavior and extraordinary need for praise is baffling by itself. Journalists, politicians, etc., are unashamedly calling Trump out for his lies but dance around what may be behind his embarrassing outbursts and actions. However, they may not all be lies. People with dementia do tend to forget what they say.

Again, I am no doctor. Nevertheless, I would have to be in denial or blind to not see clearly that something is very wrong here.

Not the time to be an enabler

Mental health issues are nothing to play with or take advantage of in order to push through selfish agendas. Anyone suffering from any illness deserves help. It is time to call it like it is or at least find out for sure.

Speaking "your mind" or off the cuff is one thing. Speaking nonsense, gibberish, threats and falsehoods is quite another. Entertainment has its place for those caught up in the celebrity that is Donald Trump, but the ability to govern is what's needed in the White House. We all have at least one "crazy" uncle in the family, but no one is going to put crazy Uncle Bob in charge of planning the family reunion -- let alone the White House.