As many of you know, the repeal of ObamaCare and the introduction of what is being touted as TrumpCare recently passed the house and is currently sitting in the minds of the Senate for a vote to make it into law. This reform can be and will be harmful to many of us. It will allow insurance companies to deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions, including (but not limited to) pregnancy, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, stroke, Pneumocystis pneumonia, etc. Most importantly, it considers things like HIV/AIDS and even "Transsexualism" as a pre-existing condition.

Millions of Americans would lose coverage or have to pay five times the standard rate due to the listed pre-existing conditions and going as far as targeting the LGBTQ+ community, the elderly, and those who need the coverage the most.

Many oppose new bill

Not only do millions of Americans oppose this new healthcare plan, but influential companies like AARP have voiced their strong opinions against the healthcare bill and have stated: "AARP stands ready to work with both parties on legislation that puts Americans first, not the special interests."

The healthcare bill is currently sitting in the minds of the senate and analysts predict that they will not allow the bill to pass, and that the senate Republicans will attempt to form a Health Care Bill of their own.

However, analysts have been wrong before. Individuals can contact their local senator's office to voice concerns and opinions on the matter.

Other facts:

  • 54 million people could become uninsured by 2026 under AHCA.
  • Cut Federal funding for Medicaid expansion by 2020.
  • Rape and sexual assault could be considered a pre-existing condition.
  • The health care bill would remove the mandate that requires all US citizens to obtain and keep healthcare coverage, or face a fine every year that you are not covered.
  • The ObamaCare subsidies that help lower the cost of healthcare would be replaced with less helpful tax credits.
  • It will allow states to obtain waivers to change the essential health care benefits that require health insurance companies to provide coverage.
  • Insurance companies will be allowed to charge the elderly as much as five times the insurance rate younger adults will be required to pay.

One thing is certain, Kellyanne Conway can't handle the Democrats' opinion of the impact that TrumpCare could have on the average American.