Eight-years-old and dead from suicide: his name is Gabriel Taye. He was a third grader at Carson Elementary in Clevland, Ohio. It is important to say his name and hear his story so other parents do not have to grieve the loss of a child in this manner. Suicide in kids under the age of 10 is not as common as older people, but depression can be. If you notice a change in a child's behavior do not write it off as a kid being a kid. Inquire about how school was and if they are having any trouble.

What happened?

In this tragic story, Gabriel Tae ended his life as a result of being bullied at school.

As the surveillance video surfaced of another student knocking Taye to the ground, where he lay still for some time, questions are being raised as to why his mother was told that he fainted. In the surveillance, you can see Taye attempting to shake hands with another kid before being knocked down.

Other kids walked by and for an extended period of time, he lay there before someone came to help. Two days after the incident, eight-year-old Taye hanged himself from his bunk bed. His death has been ruled a suicide. However, after viewing the surveillance, the coroner requested to reopen the investigation to see if the injuries from bullying were a factor in his death.

The school has stated they told his mother to take him to the hospital after the incident and she did so but not for what happened at school.

He was vomiting and cried about stomach pains while being watched over by another adult. His mother was not aware of this video until after her attorney showed her a copy.

Where do we go from here?

Here's where we all failed: we aren't doing enough to support people in need and assure that we are there for them. Furthermore, school administrations are not cracking down on bullying as much as they should.

Teachers are entrusted to look after children while they are at school and had the administrators done that, this could have been avoided.

Had his mother, Cornelia Reynolds, been aware of the incident at school, she could have comforted, consoled, and made arrangements for her son to be in a better school environment. Cornelia Reynolds said that she will be an advocate for her son and his voice will be heard.

From the GoFundMe account created in his honor, his mother urges, "parents and caregivers listen to your children. If your child tells you they are being bullied, act fast. Don't stop reacting, even after notifying the school or the police. You are your child's first and last advocate."