The cars of the future presented in movies showed people that they can talk back just like the action-adventure movie "Inspector Gadget." This app allows a person to talk to their car with the use of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that takes down notes of the user's settings, preferences, and behavior. According to sources, the app functions like the Facebook chatbox and uses the same feature as Apple's artificial intelligence called "Siri."

Just like a Facebook user holds a conversation on the social website, the same goes for the SmartCar Chatbot.

According to Nick Hall from Charged, a website that specializes on the latest innovations such as drones and electric-oriented cars, SmartCar Chatbot allows users to converse with their cars just like talking to a normal person. The start-up project uses machine learning that allows the app and system to learn many new things, the longer the person uses such device. Other than settings and preference, the system learns new words to convey messages accurately.

Perfect addition to cars

If the start-up project is followed up and supported, this would open numerous doors of opportunities. However, the teams behind such system and app are doing their best to finish a system that would be flawless.

Probably, the artificial intelligence on the SmartCar Chatbot might function on the NLP or the Natural Language Processing for a more organized and accurate message. Otherwise, the team behind the said artificial intelligence might create another semantic cognitive-learning system.

Car Companies may consider to set aside another budget for SmartCar Chatbot because this system will surely cost a lot, taking into mind that car companies make several units each day.

Famous car companies, including Hyundai and Toyota, are making cars that automatically detect if the person driving it is drunk. These AI-installed cars are taking the world by storm because these will be providing numerous opportunities on both consumers and the company. Samsung even created a self-driving car which is undergoing numerous tests and will soon roll on the US streets.

A.I. upgrades that save lives

Investments in artificial intelligence mark a great start for future cars. Car companies should consider this because it avoids car-related accidents. alert systems, automatic breaks, and collision avoidance systems are important features that car companies should not miss. Otherwise, they can invest on a more durable airbag if the idea is too much for their budget. Then again, it is a great risk and improvement that car companies should tackle into. The SmartCar Chatbot is one step further towards automated cars and vehicles.