Since President Trump took office in January, the mainstream media have been trying to convince the American people of a lie. Yes, a lie that remains a lie until there is evidence. The unproven "collusion" accusations that somehow gets passed off as truth. From Chuck Schumer to the rest of the carnival side shows political stars, there has not yet been one shred of evidence to back up the claims.

According to The Daily Caller, The New York Times has continued this narrative. A statement such as “Months before the election, U.S. spies learned that top Russians had discussed ways to use Donald Trump’s advisers to influence him,” dominate the article.

They use big words like "US spies," to influence the reader. Later, in the 5th paragraph, after most have stopped reading, they clarify their statement.

The bait and switch

It is like the slight of hand that a magician used to make you think that the coin disappeared. In a court of law, this is called "leading the witness." They use words in the article to try to control what you think. They lead you down a path of lies and then they save themselves at the end of the article.

Most people these days do not read every word of the article. We scan the article for keywords of interest. The words"US spies," are used to get your attention. Then you scan down the page, maybe reading the first sentence of each paragraph.

They know what they are doing. They are using keywords to get your attention.

Later, after the person moves on, they reveal the truth. Most times, at that point, it is too late. The person has already drawn conclusions. This is how the MSM controls what you think.

There is still no evidence of collusion

As we watch the daily press briefings with Sean Spicer, we hear the press constantly asking the same question in different ways.

905 of the questions are about the alleged Trump "collusion" with Russia during the campaign. Like Sean Spicer continues to say, "The only collusion is what the people have invented in their minds."

So, just because a popular news source leads you to believe there was collusion, in their minds, they know there is no evidence.

But, they won't tell you that in every article. They will pull the Bait And Switch to get views on the article. Most of the articles we read these days are "click bait." Keep that in mind as you read about "Russian collusion." There is no evidence to support that. Until the intelligence community comes out and says there was collusion, then don't fall for the false narrative that there was.