If Donald trump is caught out on Russia, I have little doubt that it will not be something he thought much about. More likely he will be brought down by something minor. But everything is related. Whatever brings Trump down will be part of a quilt he has woven since his days as a schoolyard bully.

The only way historical analyses of Trump and Putin will be positive is if they each exert control over the writing of them. To prevent that should be the common hope of all Russians and all Americans.

Creating a new binary

Trump and Putin both lie about terrorism.

They practice and support it in myriad ways. Trump is a beginner in the practical art of political repression. But there is little doubt he will catch on.

The two men lead a binary cadre of dictators that includes strongmen from the Philippines and Turkey to the heart of China. The new big three could be the US, Russia and China. It would say it is ranged against all enemies of civilization. They would use terrorists the way they seem to be used in the latest "House of Cards" narrative.

History is triadic

Triadic means not binary. It means you do not divide the world in a dualistic manner. Things are seen as a spectrum. Good and evil mix according to degrees of harm and prevention of harm. We are fallible.

We move forward. We value the good even if we are imperfect seekers.

None of this is part of the Trump-Putin makeup. These men live for a lost past -- Putin for cold war Soviet days, Trump for a fantasy about restoring white domination and the wonders of factory life.

Triadic means when conflict looms there is always a third way if you use your mind.

Trump and Putin serve interests that benefit from fomenting war. War is the logical conclusion of all binary thinking.

Trump needs to be replaced

We cannot continue to face the possibility of a binary world of the type Putin and Trump are inclined to favor.

Russians should replace Putin. Trump's most important problem is his love affair with militarism. His serving of the one percent is symbolized by his pulling out of the Paris agreement. Neither of these is an impeachable offense. But both bode ill for a nation that has in a few months transformed its relationship with the rest of the world.

When Trump has failed in the past he has walked -- from businesses, from marriages. He is on the cusp of failing as president. If he is unable to get his agenda enacted he may either hold tighter or walk. Could he be the first president to be hounded from office?