Watch it. We are on the precipice of big trouble. In a news environment that runs on Trump fumes and speculation, where astrology competes for space with what used to be informed opinion, what do we think? We have to go with our gut. And today my gut tells me to believe the worst. That is a terrible state to be in. Pray for the best but believe the worst is on the way? That is a sort of theological suicide. Such a sense of powerlessness is not welcome.

Freedom Caucus healthcare

It is the healthcare matter that is at stake. Axios is now saying Trump's atrocious bargain with the Freedom Caucus, giving states a loophole a mile wide so they can run rampant over the poor and sick, can somehow become the law of the land.

This is Trumpcare 2 plus, a bill that Trump apparently has not read and does not understand. He says it will do all the good things Obamacare does. It won't. He says people will be taken care of. They won't.

The proof

The validation of the perjury in progress is the fact that the Congressional Budget Office, which would doubtless see this as worse than the disastrous Trumpcare One, has not had time even to determine how terrible it is. This is part of a perfect storm the criminal GOP is allowing to proceed under the guise of finally repealing and replacing Obamacare. That is Trump's promise and if you sweep dead people under the rug and close your eyes to hurt and harm, you will be fine, guaranteed.

Axios' pollyannaish take

Here is the curious but scary take of Axios on today's status quo.

The very idea that this bill has a chance to get to the Senate, being far worse than the first bill and demonic to boot, is an incredible testimony to the capacity of human beings to cave to evil.

Evil is not spooks and horror films, it is simple garden variety hurt and harm, the sort of thing you can measure and do something about if you are humane. At best, this terrible bill will enable the red states -- who refuse to allow Medicaid to function and expand -- to foist on the rest of the country the costs of their abdication of morality.

Politics is money, nothing more, nothing less

It comes down to how the pie is sliced. Trump wants to slice it big time for oil, cars, wealth and armaments. He wants to streamline things for his base. He has engaged in an ongoing betrayal. His followers are, to date, too blind to see. When they do he will be gone, hopefully the GOP with him. This is opinion, remember. But it is based on a devastating fact. Donald Trump is president and his stated purpose from day to day is to undo protections that are life and death to the marginal, the vulnerable, the strapped and all those who care for all Americans regardless. Hurt and harm are evil. Protection from same is good. You be the judge.