Donald Trump seems to believe that if you are loyal to your country, that Means you will blindly follow him. It seems ridiculous that he believes anyone would blindly follow him, especially after all the Russian scandals. However, that is exactly what he believes. He thinks that if you are a patriot, you will blindly follow him and not question his motives.

What is loyalty to America?

Trump throws words like patriotism and loyalty around when he wants to trap people into blindly following him. He doesn't want you to think, instead, he wants you to do exactly as he says.

Former FBI Director, James Comey challenged Trump. He refused to give him confirmation that he would pledge loyalty to him when testifying about the Russian investigation.Trump has no leg to stand on and could not find a way to manipulate James, so he had no other choice [in his opinion] but to fire him.

Trump can't seem to comprehend that being loyal to a country does not include the president. Sometimes, the most loyal thing an American can do is to challenge the president, especially if the said president is a danger to the well-being of millions of people.

Do you think that a person can be loyal to America and go against President Trump? Share your thoughts and loyalty in the comments section below.