Jeanine Pirro of "Justice With Judge Jeanine" sat down with President Trump about the rumors that he demanded loyalty from James Comey, or he would be fired from the FBI. President Trump refused to confirm he said those exact words but when pressed, he didn't see anything wrong with asking Comey to be loyalty to him and keep certain "things" out of the media.

Trump had threatened Comey before he fired him

The events surrounding Comey's firing isn't clear, but the rumors state that Trump may have asked the former FBI director to stay quiet about the investigation as loyalty to him.

Apparently, Comey allegedly said that he wouldn't compromise the investigation, stating he only had loyalty to the people of this country to get to the truth.

Then the American people got a front row seat to Trump's threats directed at Comey when he tweeted that he "better not have" recorded their conversation and release it to the public. When confronted with the threat on social media, the president said that he just wants Comey to be honest and forthcoming in his public testimony.

Trump's answer was shocking

Judge Jeanine asked Trump if he thought it was inappropriate for him to ask Comey whether or not you had his loyalty. The POTUS said that he did not think that was inappropriate. Jeanine cut him off before he could clarify why he felt that way.

His answer was revealing. He actually thought it was okay to openly threaten a former government employee, who was currently investigating him.

Jeanine asked him to answer the question, "Did you ask that question (about Comey's loyalty)?"

Trump said he didn't.

However, he doesn't think that would be a bad question to ask him. He still believes that Comey should have been loyalty to him and his country. He added that he never asked that question, or at least, in those exact words.

Trump doesn't understand loyalty

According to Occupy Democrats, Trump doesn't seem to understand that loyalty to your country is not the same thing as loyalty to him as the leader.

He seems to believe that if Comey went against him, that meant he wasn't loyalty to the United States.

It isn't clear if Trump purposely spun his conversation with Comey to make himself look better or if he really believed the lies. If Trump really did ask Comey for his loyalty, what he was really asking for was for the FBI director to protect him. What Trump didn't understand was the investigation into possible illegal acts committed by Trump and his regime, James Comey was already protecting and being loyal to his country.

Trump continued to defend himself and said that there are multiple ways to describe the definition of loyalty.

Most Americans would agree that the only person who doesn't understand the term loyalty is Trump, not the man who opened an unprecedented investigation into the president's ties to the Russian government.

Comey will still testify

While Trump continues to implicate himself in possibly the greatest scandal to ever surround a president in US history, Comey will still testify in the next few weeks, but he allegedly requested for his testimony to be public.

With only days left before Comey takes the stand, Americans are anxious to hear what the FBI concluded in their investigation. It seems Trump is getting pretty nervous about it too because he keeps trying to discredit James Comey every chance he gets.

Do you think Trump fired Comey because he wouldn't pledge his loyalty to him? Do you believe that this could lead to his impeachment? Do you think it was inappropriate for the president to threaten Comey via Twitter?

The Senate committee has not scheduled Comey's testimony yet, nor have they released whether they will allow him to testify publically.