On "The Young and the Restless" Billy and Phyllis are not a couple who think before they act. The two began an affair while she was still married to his brother Jack. They resumed their connection after Phyllis and Jack divorced and tried to keep it on the low-down. That, however, did not work for long. Cane caught them together in the coat room of a restaurant, and Billy's ex- wife Victoria saw them kissing in the company elevator. Reed has now found the couple in each other's arms, right in his mother's house.

Reed gets blindsided by Billy and Phyllis

Reed is Victoria's son from a previous marriage. The 16-year-old has only been back in Genoa City for a few months. He bonded with his stepdad Billy even when he and his mom were not getting along. Billy spent a lot of time with the teen because he was often at that the house to visit Johnny and Katie, his children with Victoria. The former spouses seemed to be headed to a reconciliation when Vickie shut Billy out of some situations going on with her family. Vickie's abrupt manner caused Billy to give up on reuniting with her. He ran straight into the waiting arms of Phyllis.

Although by this time most of the town was aware that Billy and Phyllis were back together, young Reed was not.

While his mom was out of town for a business meeting, Billy was at the house watching the children. Phyllis who only thinks of herself obviously did not consider that she should not go to see her man at his ex-wife's home. She showed up when she believed the children were all asleep. She only stayed a few moments but decided to kiss her lover goodbye.

This is when Reed walked down the stairs and got the shock of his life.

Reed is now a confused and troubled teen

Reed had moved in with his mom because his biological dad was moving to Canada. The teen was settling in and enjoying his younger brother and sister. Reed and Billy were getting along as if they were really a father and son.

Victoria and Billy were also getting closer. The teenager now had the stable family life he desired. All of this changed when he saw his aunt in his Step Dad's arms.

After Phyllis left, Reed confronted his stepfather who was honest with him. Billy explained that he and Vickie love each other but will remain friends and that Phyllis is the woman in his life now. The teen seemed shocked and very confused. He shared that he believed Billy and his mom wee getting back together. You could see how troubled Reed was by all of these changes.

Phyllis is acting like a young adult female trying to stake her territory. She really should not have disrespected Victoria by coming to see Billy at her house. Billy should have boundaries and should have shown some respect for his former wife and mother of his children. Reed should never have been put in a position to find his stepfather and his aunt kissing in the home he shares with his mother.