Micheal Flynn has chosen to invoke his 5th Amendment rights, and it is just that: his right. Yet, you have many speaking out against that right. But, if we take that right away, we must take the right of the people away for protesting him using his rights. There are many key factors as to why Flynn can't just hand over documents.

These key factors weigh in on the choice that Mr. Flynn has made. As previously stated, it is his right to plead his 5th amendment rights as an American. If we try to take that right away, we deal a crippling blow to democracy itself.

The freedom of speech is our right, and it is also our right to remain silent.

Micheal Flynn story

Flynn is a retired Army lieutenant general with an impeccable track record. Spending years in the US army, he retired with a high ranking. During Trumps picking of his staff, he chose Flynn as his security adviser. This position carries high-security clearance. So to say the least, many of the documents in question are classified. This means that most of the documents are classified to where congress can not see them. This causes a bit of a problem if he releases the documents as requested.

Congress does not have the security clearance

Most of the documents in question are indeed, classified.

Micheal Flynn's security clearance far surpasses that of any given member of congress. In order for members of congress to see these documents, the documents would have to be "declassified." That takes a lot more that a few days to complete. There is a strenuous process that classified documents must pass through.

This process is not a "cakewalk." National security could ride on the nature of these documents.

So releasing them without clearance could cause more trouble for Flynn than what he already has. So he can't release the documents as fast as that. However, they should go through that process and be released to congress to clear his name.

Friendly advice for Mr. Flynn

Although he can't release the documents to congress, he could have released them to V.P.

Pence. Pence has a security clearance that surpassed even Flynn's. So he should have been truthful to Pence in the beginning. My advice to Mr. Flynn is this: get the documents passed through the proper channels as fast as possible. Get the documents cleared so that you can clear your name. It is the only way to do so. The longer you wait, the worse things will become. To the reader, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below. Your comments are very important to us.

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