Jaden Smith is now 18 years old and, in the eyes of the law, he is a man. Truthfully, however, his behavior indicates he is a little boy crying out for help. In spite of all his advantages and the wealth of his parents, it seems this young man has already dealt with some type of trauma in his life, and needs someone to lead him in the right direction.

The Will and Jada factor

Jayden is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. They are two of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Jayden and his sister Willow have been in the spotlight since childhood, both having acting credits.

These children have had every advantage that money can buy, but there is obviously something lacking that fame and fortune do not provide, because Jayden has been acting out for a long time.

Years ago in an interview, Jada and Will stated they did not have a lot of rules for their children, stating they were going to let them make their own decisions. This was most evident when Jayden, a minor child living in his parents home, began wearing women clothes. What followed was public outcry, while the style definitely did not catch on with other young males.

Jaden acting out

There have been reports for years that Jaden Smith would be quite hard to get along with. He once gave an interview saying he believed he was a vampire.There also have been rumors that the young man is gay, which in part could explain all the acting out: he could, perhaps, be afraid to come out in a homophobic society, and now could be acting out as a manner of crying out for help.

Even so, Jayden has chosen both acting and music as his professions.Therefore in a manner of speaking, he is asking for all the drama that comes with being a celebrity.

Jayden is not a novice. He has lived for 18 years watching the issues of celebrity lived out by his famous parents. This young man is used to rumors, innuendo slander, and tabloid journalism.

He has also seen Will and Jada conduct themselves in a civilized manner, when in public view. This is why it is difficult for many to understand his recent actions. While in Canada, filming "Life in a Year", Smith tweeted that the Four Season Hotel in Toronto spiked his pancakes with cheese and kicked him out of his room.

Jaden Smith's future

There is an unwritten code that children of the rich and famous are off limits, but Jaden Smith is now an adult. He was raised in the lap of luxury and handed two careers on a silver platter. His actions, however, suggest that this young man has some serious issues that need to be addressed. He could indeed be in serious trouble and all of his antics could be his way of crying out: being temperamental, wearing dresses and possibly even his extreme hair styles may be his way of asking for assistance. The question would be, is anybody listening?

Too often bad behavior is expected of child stars, especially if they are the children of celebrities. Will and Jada's hands off approach and letting their children make their own decisions may now be coming back to bite them.

Jaden may have desired attention and guidance from his parents as a child and now as an adult does not know how to conduct himself. If indeed the young man is gay and apprehensive about owning it, he really will need love and support. If his strange behavior continues, however, he may receive only more scrutiny and criticism.