The future of humanity is in space and it is time to look for another planet to inhabit, physicist Stephen Hawking mentioned at the Royal Society in London. "I strongly believe that we should start seeking alternative planets for possible habitation," he added. The thoughts and plans of scientists are quite successful because they had discovered planets long before Stephen concluded to search for a new one. However, with these discoveries, we do not have ample amount of devices, technology, and transportation to get to where we want to go. Of course, this would also include the sustenance and enough information on the planet that we planned on inhabiting.

We are indeed running out of space on Earth, according to the physicist. Overpopulation is devastating to the point that the Earth's resources are also getting scarce. Not only that, but overpopulation will be leading us to numerous problems that will affect both economy and our daily lives.

To the red martian planet next to Earth

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, and his team expend efforts on Mars and find a suitable planet for humans to live on. Musk plans to create a rocket that transports about 100 passengers to the formed landscapes on Mars. In addition, self-sustainable cities provide the daily needs of civilization. Surprisingly, there are other Earth-like planets farther away from us and these planets are seven in total, according to sources.

Stephen Hawking's plans will be colonizing other planets and sending missions to uncover the status of that planet. This plan includes main speech topic of Hawking for the "Starmus," the spectacle of science and arts in Trondheim, Norway. Other than a spectacle, Starmus is more of a festival instead. This festival aims to connect scientists to the public, sources say.

An alternative while the "search mission" is ongoing

We have abused the Earth because of the pollutants from advancements and other steps forward for a better life. In addition, care and stewardship are two things that are inseparable and must always be kept in our hearts. Stephen Hawking is one of the beacons that will lead us to a brighter future.

However, we cannot progress if we, ourselves, do not maintain that care and concern towards the environment. Climate change ravaged numerous places on Earth and it is our time to act----not just sit and complain. Meanwhile, it may come to our understanding that there are other lifeforms better than us on other galaxies or planets. Time will tell.