"Suits" star Meghan Markle became a limelight regular when she was reported to be dating Queen Elizabeth II's grandson and fourth in line to the British throne. Everywhere she goes, paparazzi follows her and reports anything about her. This has even caused worry for Prince Harry so he appealed to the media, in particular, the British press to spare his girlfriend from being harassed.

Prince Harry wants relationship Meghan Markle to be low profile

Prince Harry's previous relationships suffered because of his celebrity status and he does not want to lose another precious relationship because of media meddling in their relationship.

Meghan Markle has already experienced a huge blow as a result of her relationship with the Prince William's brother.

Samantha Grant, Markle's half-sister lambasted her sister by claiming that she was not an ideal sister and did not care for her family despite her care for her when she was young. She even wrote a book to put down her sister and claimed that she is not fit to become a member of the royal family.

Being identified with Prince Harry has a lot of downsides but the actress did not let the negative reports dampen her love for her royal boyfriend. She was constantly with him during his attendance at a friend's wedding in Jamaica, having a vacation with him and recently watched his polo game.

Wherever she goes, the paparazzi would follow her. Recently, she was reported to join the prince at Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews in London. She was exempted from the "no ring no bring" rule of the wedding and will be at the ceremony at the St. Mark's Church where the British royal family attends important services.

Meghan Markle grabbed the limelight away from Pippa Middleton

Meghan Markle, without much effort, has inadvertently stolen the limelight from the lovely bride just by being with Prince Harry at the wedding. Her arrival in London has already grabbed headlines. Although the Matthews-Middleton nuptial was a newsworthy event, the actress had her share of the news.

News about her and Prince Harry's possible engagement this year have been aplenty. In fact, reports have been spreading that Markle, being previously divorced, will be allowed to be married at Westminster Abbey. In time for the wedding of Pippa Middleton, the engagement and wedding news about the prince and the women's rights activist have surfaced sharing the bulk of celebrity news in London.

These early, speculative reports have been spreading about the upcoming wedding of the two lovebirds. However, caution is being advised as no official confirmation has been released from the royal lovers. For the meantime, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are just enjoying their time together.