The Husband And Wife tandem of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner has been a big influence on the Trump administration. Jared and Ivanka were active during the campaign period, sacrificing a lot of things in their family just to ensure that Donald Trump would win and enter the White House. Their efforts paid off and in return, high positions have been assigned to them in the administration of the 45th president of America.

Kushner, 36 and Ivanka, 35 both hold offices in the seat of the American government as a senior adviser and presidential assistant respectively.

Trump's daughter has been actively involved in women's issues and currently held a roundtable discussion on human trafficking.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are Donald Trump's leaning rocks

Kushner's position remains immutable amidst various movements in the White House staff positions. The couple has been the solid, immovable rock that Donald Trump has leaned on for support, especially during his first 100 days. The president has been beset with a lot of issues particularly the "Access Hollywood" tape that leaked during his campaign.

The travel ban signed by Trump has divided the country and amidst all the negative actions hurled against the president, he remained grounded and focused because of the influence of the husband and wife team in the White House.

They are the moderating force behind Donald Trump, who has been reported to have turned "dark and sour" during his early months in the presidency.

With their sensitive and relevant positions in the administration, they have to sacrifice not just petty things in their family and in their lives as an enterprising couple. First, they have faced a backlash in the operation of their business because of the presidential policy "America First." Ivanka Trump is into the importation of apparels from China and other Asian countries and most of her merchandise is not manufactured in the U.S.

but in other countries.

Ivanka Trump has made personal sacrifices for Trump's government

Second, they sacrificed family life for their jobs, spending more time in the White House and in travels as demanded by their jobs. The couple has very young children that still need nurturing and caring. They can stay at the White House but they have to be supervised, unlike in the privacy of their home.

Third, they have to refocus their marriage. Undeniably, their relationship as husband and wife has to take a back seat because of the demanding nature of their work with the president.

Fourth, they have to sacrifice their spiritual life. The couple who are practicing Orthodox Jews had to forego the observance of the holy day - Sabbath. Ivanka Trump shared that during the holy day of rest, it is required that they detach from all kinds of communications and just spend time with their family. They are also prohibited from traveling or riding motor or mechanical vehicles during the Sabbath day.

Since their jobs sometimes require them to travel on Sabbath days, they have to secure the permission of their religious leader to break the prohibitions during the holy days.

Recently, both the husband and wife broke religious tradition again because they had to accompany the president to Israel, Rome, and Saudi Arabia.

The fourth thing that they have to sacrifice is a big and valuable thing in their lives as Orthodox Jews. People who value their faith will struggle when they disobey the rules. Biblically, the Sabbath day is a holy day and must be kept holy at all cost.

Keeping up with their jobs is a huge sacrifice for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. However, with the welfare of the American people and the effectiveness of the administration of Donald Trump at stake, they have no choice but to put spiritual things behind. As for its consequences, the couple has no choice but to accept.