Senator Dianne Feinstein, a brave Democrat on the House panel, attacked FBI director #James Comey today for this lack of transparency in answering questions about his Clinton email server fiasco last year.

She explained how she thought he took a huge risk in telling Congress about the FBI's interest in new #Clinton-emails, even thought the FBI didn’t know if those emails were important overall to the investigation. The issue many have with his announcements last year, only two weeks before Election Day, are that Comey swayed the election away from Clinton and toward Trump.

Feinstein on Thursday implored the FBI director to serve up #straightforward answers during the hearing, as many agreed with her. But most importantly, Feinstein wanted to know why Comey has handled both the Clinton email and the Russia meddling the investigations so “dramatically different.”

Acknowledging that the Russia inquiries were ongoing, Comey said that he would not and nobody else in the FBI would say another peep about the Russian investigation. He added that that was exactly how they handled the Clinton investigation too. But many in the hearing were unimpressed with his answers and wanted more from him.