Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidency with a resounding victory. He attained 66.1 percent of the total votes against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen who garnered 33.9 percent. The victory has been described as a boost for Europe which is currently facing increased terrorism and the immigrant crisis.

Macron was endorsed by Obama

The 39-year-old President Elect had earlier in his campaign received massive endorsement from former US president Barrack Obama. Obama described Macron as a candidate that stood for the values of the French people.

In his victory speech, Macron said he will work to bring the country together following a vicious campaign against the extremist anti-European union candidate.

World leaders have congratulated the French people and the President elect emmanuel macron for the win. German chancellor Angel Merkel who had also touted for Macron said the centrist French leader stood for the hopes and values of not only the French people but the entire Europe.

Terrorism on the rise in Europe

President Macron takes over the French leadership mantle at a time when terrorism is on the rise. The country is also grappling with the refugee crisis. During his presidential campaign, Macron downplayed the call by Marine Le Pen for France to refuse refugees entry into France.

The international community will thus be waiting to see how the new French president will handle the sickening refugee crisis.

The US administration is also expected to work with the new French president in combating terrorism in Europe and abroad. France has witnessed increased terror activities; more than other EU countries with at least 234 people dying in terror-related attacks in the last eighteen months.

Both the US and France administrations should address the issue of homegrown terrorism.

US and EU drivers of world economy

The European Union and the US are the drivers of the transatlantic trade which has contributed to growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. Considering the strategic role France plays in the European Union’s economy, the US government should find ways of enhancing ties with the new French administration.

The European Commission estimates that the US and EU economies together account for half the entire world’s GDP.

US president Donald Trump has issued an executive order that scraps off US involvement in the Trans-Atlantic Trade agreement which he considers to be non-beneficial. In his quest to create jobs and improve the economy, President Trump should establish potential areas in trade and commerce where both France and the US can benefit in bilateral trade.