There are people in this nation who wanted Barack Obama to fail, for no other reason than the fact that he was not a white male. There are individuals who voted Donald Trump into office because he was a Caucasian man, and Hillary Clinton was not. President Trump said some pretty nasty things about his predecessor. His antics since taking office, however, are causing Barack Obama and Clinton to look really good

The Barack Obama issue

All presidential candidates, as well as those who are elected to office, have individuals who disagree with them, but Barack Obama had an extra issue.

Obama was the first man of color to obtain the Oval Office. When the 44th president won in 2008, there were jokes about watermelon and fried chicken being served in the White House. Because this nation never had a black family at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. before, some had a wait and see attitude, while others were watching and expecting number 44 to fail big time. Not only did he succeed, but he won a second term.

Donald Trump's agenda

From the beginning of Obama's first term as president, Donald Trump began causing problems. He led the birthier movement, insisting that President Obama had not been born in the United States. Trump, like some others, believed Obama to be a Muslim. They ignored the fact that President Obama attended church services, and said many times that he is a Christian.

President Trump complained that his predecessor played golf and traveled too much. Its been documented that Donald Trump has played more golf, and that Obama traveled less than Trump during his first 100 days. There is also the additional expense of $146,000 daily for secret service protection for Melania and Baron Trump while they are in New York.

President Trump also criticized then-first lady Michelle Obama for not wearing traditional head gear while in Saudi Arabia. Today, CNN reported that neither First Lady Melania Trump nor first daughter Ivanka wore a covering over their heads while in the Muslim nation with the president.

Obama versus Trump

Barack Obama resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for 8 years.

Like all Commanders-In-Chief, Obama made decisions that everyone did not approve of. Obama, however, conducted himself with grace, discretion, and was overall very presidential. He left the White House after 8 years without one hint of scandal. Donald Trump has used Twitter as a bully pulpit, made fun of world leaders, Muslims, and Mexicans. The Russian collusion, firing of James Comey, and resignation of Michael Flynn have made Obama look really good.