Hello, Leos! It's Tuesday, and in today’s daily horoscope for Leo, we’re talking about taking the initiative. Ruled by the Sun, Leo natives are born between July 23 and August 22. Just like the lion that represents them, these people are natural born leaders. Are you struggling with pushing things forward, Leo? Read on to see what can be done.

What to expect

Today, Leo, do not expect things to be solved with your partner alone, it is essential that you give the importance that you require and that you assert your rights as a fundamental part of the life that you have built together.

Do not expect things to happen without giving them the first push.

So let the astral energy inspire you to be true and courageous, Leo. Your past is taking its toll. An old misunderstanding or an old debt will soon become important. Be proactive and approach the person in question. Solve the misunderstanding and pay old debts, because otherwise, it could have negative consequences. If you solve your past, you could recover old friends or bury old enmities.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Leo, you have to start to decide much better what you want for the future. Don't dwell so much on the past -- it's better to look forward to the future. Forget about how things were before -- try to see how you can make them better.

If something needs fixing, get it done, instead of complaining about it. If a project is apparently taking too long to complete, seek help, and you'll be able to reach your destination more quickly. No one is going to offer themselves willing, Leo, so you've got to reach out.

It is important that you learn to see people well before you welcome them to your life.

Observe how they behave with others -- one of the worst things someone can do is to be downright nasty and rude with others, for no particular reason. Spend some time alone. It will help you to clear your thoughts.

It's a good idea to go shopping and find something that reflects your personal taste: perhaps an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry would suffice.

Go for a massage to unwind.

Take note overall

Overall, Leo, the stars are advising you to take the initiative when it comes to your relationships and daily interactions with others. Keep your eyes and ears open, and observe others' behavior. It will teach you something about how you want to be with those in your life.

Well, Leo, thank you for reading today’s daily horoscope for Leo. Please be sure to share this reading with a fellow Leo. Have a great day!