Hello, Sags, it’s Tuesday, and in today's daily horoscope for Sagittarius, let’s discuss protecting yourself. If you're a Sagittarius, you were born between November 22 and December 21.

What to expect

Today, Sagittarius, is a fabulous day for work relationships, where the best thing you are given is to talk and deal with others. You are great when it comes to dealing with the public.

One of the things that you must take into account in all aspects of your life is that everything has to be earned, and thus, it is essential to strive to get what you want.

Sometimes, you think that by working a little on what you want, will get great results and everything will be easy to obtain and it is not. In most cases, you have to work hard to achieve the goals you set yourself. You have to be more humble and work harder, if you want to get everything you want you have to know that you have to give the best of yourself to achieve it.

You are in time for all your dreams to become reality. You are in a good situation with someone, and you must stay that way, since it could be someone with whom you will share a long journey. Believe in love and be true to your heart, Sagittarius. You have the ability to explore many worlds at this time before deciding where to stay and begin to make a living.

You have an intuition for finances and you know where the opportunity you want is, so do not be afraid to go there and take what belongs to you thanks to your effort. Some issues may begin to be resolved, or at least you will see a light of hope. It is time to consider new challenges in your life.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Sagittarius, do not let the decisions you have made in your life prevent you from enjoying the fruits that are beginning to appear. You are likely to have remorse for past things, but instead, you should enjoy the beautiful and simple life that they are giving you. Love deserves to be celebrated and so, give a good time to that special person you have in your life.

It's a good day to focus on your physical well-being. If you participate in a competition, today you are going to beat your competitor.

If you lift weights, you will find that you have a lot of stamina. Challenge yourself to extra weight and you will see how fast your body adapts. You will be happy with your achievements as you push your physical limits. Celestial energy will be helping you to give you strength and support. Stay where you feel comfortable and enjoy the amenities you appreciate. Here's another way to protect yourself: avoid contact with other people today, since on this day, relations with strangers will especially stress you out.

Look for activities that make you forget your problems or your general routine.

However, excessive activities can affect your health: eye, head and stomach. Organize your times better; sometimes you may feel that you need more hours to finish your chores. Keep in mind the stress -- a rest time helps always.

Take note overall

Overall, Sagittarius, it's important to protect the things that matter most to you, such as your dreams and even your own personal space.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Sagittarius. Thank you for reading and be sure check out tomorrow’s horoscope.