There is no doubt that being a woman is difficult. You are surely pretty good at handling our life, but sometimes we can appreciate some guidelines to make it a little bit easier. Here is what the planets have to tell you to make your day easier, Libra.


You seem to have some patterns to unfold in your planetary energies related to your Daily routine, habits and the way you treat your body. Actually, ever since Mercury moved into the zone of your sign a couple of months ago, you have shifted at least one new arrangement with great possibilities in your way, dear Libra.

This only makes sense! You will feel full of energy and confidence, and you will not be too concerned or worried about anything or anyone. You should consider creating a proper diet plan and eat properly in order to sustain your energy level. Plan a reasonable exercise routine and stick to it.

You find it easy to deal with the most matter because the control comes back to you today.


Counting to ten and stepping away from problems caused by anger might not feel like the most sensible option but you should be the only one who dictates how much stress you allow in your days now. The current aspect might encourage some deep feelings from the past to re-emerge. If you cannot resist them, they will overwhelm you and as they are not entirely of a positive nature, then maybe it would be best to realize that your current significant other is not really to blame.

Partnerships built on weak foundations may crack under the stresses.

Single Libras might also question their needs from a certain person. The key is to learn and to observe what you have to do to make a difference in your relationship. This also stands for handling your friendships and family relationships this day.

This afternoon, Mercury makes some challenging aspects to planets in your house, love life, reputation, and career issues, and this can suggest pressures or strains on relationships as well as demands from some of these parts of your life, and vice versa.

Married Libras might experience some tension between them and their significant other. Honest and open communication is the best way to sort things out today. Acting patient towards each other may seem impossible in the morning for both of you. Try to resist the urge to argue about every little thing that bothers you, though as it will take you nowhere besides of stressing you out possibly for days.