Goodbye, Donald. You helped us all. That's how I see this ending. The alternative -- a Trump-Bannon police state already underway -- is too tawdry to contemplate.

We are better than that. Our values are better. We can take the good with the bad and depend on the rule of law. We do not need a tinpot dictator who says everything is going to hell and then proceeds to prove it with every impulsive action.


The New York Times this morning says a sense of crisis is deepening. Would it be a crisis to have trump decide to leave office? Why no, it would be a liberation.

Would it exacerbate things to have Pence and the horrible GOP in the saddle, with the Federalist Society applauding in the wings and the Koch Brothers dancing on Park Avenue?

No, but the solution would be clear. We have the ballot box and we are learning to be a bit more watchful. These are things Donald has helped us to see.

We have a big opportunity

Right now, today, we have a chance to begin reversing what need not continue to be a crisis. The crisis was here before we ever heard of Donald Trump.

It begins in all of us as a general temptation to put ourselves ahead of everything else. You know the drill. The churches called it sin before the prosperity gospel came into power.

We can say no to the prosperity gospel and yes to a community gospel that is modest in its aspirations and capable of doing things cooperatively.

We can take what Donald has taught us and let go of the hate and prosper together.

We are still here

You would think that Trump has broken us. He has broken enough to warn us that we do not want him around. But he has been here for a reason, to remind us that we are whole people and that we have consciences and that we are not powerless.

We are in the midst of a wave no one can see because its substance, though real, is invisible. It is what the song called a good vibration. It will not bring in the kingdom but it will help us ease out a potential dictator.

Decency will prevail

What can get rid of Trump is simply decency. It was shown yesterday when Senators Collins, McCain and Graham joined Democrats in a prevision of what the vote on a Special Prosecutor is going to look like.

Trump cannot stand above the law.

Our law is woefully imperfect and it is under assault by Donald and his Federalist Society friends, the billionaire class. But we have a scintilla of hope. And all it takes is applauding acts of decency when they take place.

The right conclusion

The best ending to this story is that Donald taught us some important things about participation, decency and the need to care about the world in a way that really does include everyone, even the Trumpeters. Respect for all is a counsel of perfection but as a goal, it works.