Ever since Disney has come out with their new movie "Beauty and the Beast," a lot of arguments have been made as to whether or not parents should take their children to see it. The main argument that people are using is whether they are supporting gay marriage by going to see this movie that has an openly gay character, and also that Disney has gone too far in their attempt to include the gay community. Some parents are calling this an overstepping of Disney's rights and that in no way should a company who has produced child-friendly movies include an openly gay character.

Other parents are saying that Disney did the right thing, that they are taking the right step in including all people, and that this is a great teaching moment for their children. What I find quite interesting is that not only are some states in the United States boycotting this movie, so are some countries.

What is really going on

With Disney making a character openly gay, a lot of people are questioning whether or not you are supporting the Gay Rights Movement if you go and see this movie. Even some Christians are confused as to whether they should watch this movie. Tolerance is what seems to be on trial here. Are we going to tolerate and support what Disney is trying to subtly teach our young children -- that it is okay to be gay?

Disney knew about the message they wanted to portray and this character was not by accident.

Are we tolerating the right thing?

Many people think that with Disney coming out with an openly gay character they are sending a message of acceptance, and that we should no longer keep people who have differing views from our own in the dark anymore.

That if you are gay, you have the right to show people who you are and what you believe. I believe that in this case the argument for ''tolerance'' has gone too far. This is not a movie aimed at adults. This is a movie aimed at our young people, the next generation. If we tolerate now what Disney has done and not take a stand on things like this, where is it going to stop?

Notice that this is a company that makes child-friendly movies. Does that not tell you who they are ultimately trying to reach? Adults have already been won over in terms of accepting homosexual acts and people; now it's our children's turn.