For the world, American politics at present hold center stage. A near hysteria is being built up against Russia, and the public is being brainwashed to believe that Russia is the enemy. A simple question to both the heads of the FBI and Security confirms this. When asked whether America should consider Russia an adversary, both the worthies answered "yes." People outside the USA are bewildered as to the occupation of intelligence agencies and the opponents of Donald Trump with Russia. However, a closer look shows that Russia is just incidental to the grand plan to target Donald Trump.

If they can prove to the world that Russia is the enemy and Donald Trump was in cahoots with them, his goose is cooked. This is the plan, a Devilish one, to finish Trump. Even if he survives, he will be at best a lame duck president and sure to be defeated in 2020. His opponents, however, will be hoping that he can be impeached much before that date. They are on the right track as the AG has recused himself from future hearings on the Russian connection

Russian influence

The mainstream press has also joined hands with opponents of Donald Trump. They haven't yet recovered from the after effects of playing up a win for Hillary Clinton, by holding regular polls to show that Donald was a sure shot loser.

Now they have picked up the topic of clandestine contacts with Russia of Donald and his team. It is being made out that Russia influenced the election for Trump. It is also brought out that the Russians and Putin had a clear preference for Trump. This is being hyped up, and the press has a big hand to play. Likes and dislikes are part of politics.

One can recollect that the West European powers had a clear preference for Hillary, but the press is not bothered about it.

US military and future politics

The entire thinking of the intelligence agencies is still based on the days of the cold war. They would lose their relevance if they did not play up the Russian bogey. Hence the constant harping on Russia.

They want a confrontation with Russia for then only these agencies, and the US military can justify their existence. Donald Trump is a fighter, but this time he is pinned to the ropes. It will be interesting to see how American politics unfold in the days to come.