In every mainstream media today, Americans are bombarded with news that Russia, China and North Korea are the most anti-American countries out there. However, some political analysts basing on polls taken by survey groups see otherwise.

Trump and Americans fear North Korea, but Russia is far dangerous

In a local survey done by YouGov, Americans view North Korea as the major threat in Asia; However, Russia had done more actions against the US that almost lead to war. The tension in Turkey where Russian jets were allegedly attacked by Turkish anti-air defenses almost led to war.

Russian occupation of Ukraine almost dragged NATO into war, while North Korea just made threats and minor skirmishes with its southern neighbor.

From a militaristic perspective, Russia is a greater threat to America, yet media points the public towards North Korea instead. It seems that the threatening rhetoric of Kim Jong-Un is a better spectacle than Putin’s stone cold stare. Also now with Russia manning its massive Arctic base and the constant flight of Russian bombers close to US air space, the threat level of Russia was raised up a notch. Yet, despite this, Russia is not a major threat to America, Kim Jong-Un is.

Trump sees China as a threat, China sees Trump as an opportunity

Obama’s dealings with China have actually pinned the emerging economic giant onto its shores.

This was a tough policy against Chinese expansion over South East Asian waters and it has momentarily stopped its military growth.

However, when trump came, though the controversial president bantered harsh rhetoric against China and threatened to pull America out of entanglement in Asia’s trade web, China sees an opportunity.

In fact, China will become greater in Asia if Trump continues with his plan of ditching Asian trade completely. However, before Trump could make such a blunder, VP Pence was already in Asia repairing diplomatic ties.

Other nations like Iran and Syria are threats as well

Threats from the Middle East are also disturbing. Iran has a working nuclear program in place and the whole world knows it, but America is more afraid of North Korea.

History has shown that what Americans fear as the enemy is not entirely accurate. The US invaded Iraq for WMD but they found were sand and miles and miles of it.

Americans are transforming from a stoic, immovable and steadfast bastion of bravery to a country filled with paranoid preppers. As FDR said, in his 1932 inaugural speech, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” America seems to have forgotten how to fear, fear itself.