It is practically known to everyone in the US that President Trump is a very divisive president. America is ever more divided by him and every day the societal fissure is spreading, tearing apart what makes America United. However, even with this grim reality, one can learn a few things from living under Trump’s administration.

To win, grab your opponent by the heel metaphorically

Trump is a person who wants to win at all costs. If it means dealing low blows, then so be it. However, his quirky trait has made him the target of hate by many, especially those who can’t understand what he really wants with America.

This “grabbing” mentality is a handy tool when dealing in real life. If life gives us lemons, grab life itself in the “heel” and then blackmail it.

Trump also has the attitude to speak what's on his mind, even if it is politically incorrect. The made him one of the most controversial American presidents of modern times. Trump's rhetoric was able to confuse almost everyone in his party, everyone who is against him and even countries who love and hate America. It is a feat unique to him and it is one of the major traits that define him as a person.

To be successful means to be hands on everything

Trump is the kind of a person that wants to be all over the place, especially in areas in politics that feel 'cool.' This is why Trump has been hands-on in decisions, rhetoric and now foreign policy.

If an entrepreneur wants to be a success, be hands-on like Trump and don’t delegate tasks casually. If you want to get things done, do it yourself.

Be unusually confident at all times

Even in the midst of humiliation, Trump can still rise up like a phoenix. His Aircraft carrier bluff is one of those blunders that would make some people cringe in shame.

However, Trump can manage through all of that and still be as confident as ever. Unusual levels of confidence are one of the major requirements of one who aims for success.

Go for it attitude, even if nobody agrees with your decision

Trump will do anything he puts his mind to, even if millions of people are against it. The extreme stubbornness is what made him a billionaire and he is using the same attitude in government.

Though many are indeed against his way of doing things and his unabashed rhetoric, one can admire his extreme desire to accomplish any plan he puts his mind to at all costs. Business owners must also emulate Trump’s tenacity and candor.