Donald Trump is the first president in Gallup's surveying history to get an approval rating way below the majority level. He began his presidency with 45 percent of Americans favoring the way he was taking care of his new assignment in office. Now, 45 percent of the population dislike him being the president, while 10 percent have yet to decide whether they like him or not. The lower rate of Americans with no sentiment for Trump could be from changes in the media spectrum throughout the years. The press has put a lot of Trump's activities, both past and present, into the spotlight.

As a result, a lot of U.S. citizens haven't been favoring most of his actions lately.

Small gender gap is evident

A vast majority of Trump's decisions within the past few months were publicized. There has been a lot of anticipation for Americans to respond to the controversies he's engaged in. These include his visits with other government officials, his consistent Twitter rants and his fallouts with the media on several occasions. The Women's March on Washington also might have figured into how people really viewed their president. Despite the majority of Americans not liking Trump right now, there are still a few satisfied with him.

Dividing, of course, causes low ratings

A political divide has always been the American response to Donald Trump since he took office.

This also explains why he has such a low approval rating. America has grown accustomed to thinking Trump shouldn't be favored at all. U.S. citizens have also gotten a little too comfortable with thinking low of themselves. This could also explain why their president's approval ratings are down dramatically.

Social status seems to mean everything in the U.S.

How people perceive one another constantly creates divided subgroups in the population. Those groups begin to grow comfortable being stereotyped so they start scrutinizing everything but themselves once things change for the betterment of each individual.

Once Trump starts involving Americans in situations that they approve of, his ratings more than likely will go up. To a certain degree there is enlightenment for Trump in his ratings. They are superior in number compared to how many times he's been praised since he moved into the White House.