The clarity comes into view regarding the House and Senate investigation of Russian collusion and the possibilities of cooperation from Trump associates. Former national security adviser, Michael Flynn has, surprisingly, taken this particular time to ask both investigative committees and the FBI for immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for his testimony.

What goes around...

With the allegations of not registering as a foreign agent in Turkey; not disclosing the nature his conversation with the Russian ambassador to the United States,Sergey Kislyak, and receiving money to appear on a Russian TV media outlet, Michael Flynn was fired 24 days after being appointed as National Security Adviser.

In addition, upon this information being revealed to Vice President Pence, the decision to fire Flynn lingered for two weeks before the ultimate decision to terminate him was reluctantly made by Donald Trump.

That being the past, Michael Flynn is in the picture again. Flynn mocked Hillary Clinton during the 2017, presidential campaign for asking that five of her cabinet members receive immunity, and now, ironically,—the shoe is on the other foot. Flynn's verbatim statement during the 2017 campaign was: “When you ask for immunity, it's probably because you've done something wrong.” And as such, his actions are now speaking louder than his words, because he is the victim in an ambiguous situation that he created--asking for immunity.

Furthermore, the timing of a decision being made this early in the investigation was more than likely for the sake of absolving any credibility he has left, or to dissolve the credibility of those that he will soon have to encounter later in the investigation. Nonetheless, March 31, 2017, --the day after; Flynn's plea deal was denied, the Senate Committee said 'no thanks' to his business proposition.

Moreover, Donald Trump had encouraged Flynn's plea for immunity, likening the authority of the Investigative Committee's proceedings to that of a “Witch Hunt.”

The intricate web

The elements of a complicated quagmire of events, such as the repealed Muslim ban, the health care bill failure, failed military missions; and the resignations, terminations, and refusals to accept key cabinet positions in the White House, must be a daunting experience for any leader of the free world.

As if that's not enough, the suspicion of Russian collusion has been propagating federal agency's like an infectious disease since as early as March of 2016. The knowledge of email tampering and cyber hacking on the part of Russia was first confirmed by intelligence agency's back then. This confirmation escalated in and through the 2017, presidential election under the suspicion that key associates in the Trump Team were involved to the point of coordinating efforts that would undermine the U S election process. Basically, through the forthright use of designed, politically negative propaganda that would influence the favorable outcome of a candidate, thus controlling the U S system of Democracy in a free electoral process.

Hitting the nail on the head

Nonetheless, the most disturbing facts lay within a host of common associations, who are suspected of collusion. Michael Flynn being first and foremost, the list continues with the suspect involvement and resignation of campaign manager Paul Manafort, who worked as an unregistered foreign agent and previously for foreign dictators. Moreover, the appointment of Steve Bannon was shocking news. Bannon presided over the premier website for the 'alt-right'--a group of white nationalist, anit-Semites and racist. Summing up this list is Donald Trump's 'Albino Assassin,' Roger Stone. The Trump Crony and so called dirty trickster, who admitted to directly communicating with the self-proclaimed DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 (believed to be a Russian government creation), as well as, Julian Assange, the head honcho for Wikileaks, who had supposedly harbored “political dynamite” on the Clinton campaign.