The situation on the Korean Peninsula is extremely volatile. The North Korean dictator is hell bent on carrying on his nuclear program. He has just defied the UN sanctions and tested an ICBM. On the other hand, the US President Donald Trump has made it plain that the military option is on the table. He has tried to curry favor with the Chinese leader in the hope that he will keep quiet, in case the United States bombs North Korea.

The intention of Donald Trump to bomb the North is clear. That is the reason he has a mighty armada led by the Carl Vinson moving to the Korean water and a nuclear-powered submarine replete with special forces in a position close to the Korean coast.

South Korea and Japan are sitting on the sidelines and clapping their hands, as Donald threatens the bombing of North Korea. Little do these nations realize that in case the American president orders the bombing of North Korea, nothing will happen to the United States.

North Korea does not have a capability to hit back at the US. But Kim Jong can hit South Korea and Japan. The North Korean leader has already said that the response will be merciless.

Dangerous situation

The situation is thus extremely dangerous for South Korea. If hit by a nuclear strike it may become a desert. Japan has already faced two nuclear bombs during World War II, and a 3rd or 4th strike may very well take place. The Korean leader is a maverick, but he is not a fool.

He could like Samson, the Biblical hero who destroyed the temple of the heathens, bring a similar peril on the South. Kim Jong has nuclear weapons. In such a scenario the losers will be South Korea and Japan, who would have paid the ultimate price for an attack by Donald Trump

The scenario

This scenario in not a fantasy. North Korea is not going to allow itself to be bombed with no response.

It is confirmed it has a few nuclear weapons and it will certainly use them. Donald Trump's order to unleash aircraft from the Carl Vincent to the North, will not be a one-off strike like in Syria. It could be the start of another war on the Korean Peninsula. It should not be forgotten that American and Chinese/ Korean communists fought for three years ( 1950-53)and yet could not beat them.

This is history. China will be the factor, and despite all the hand shaking at Trumps Resort in Florida, the Chinese are unlikely to approve the dismantling of the North Korean regime and a unified Korea under Seoul.

Nuclear war

North Korea is a potent military force in the Korean Peninsula. The United States option of bombing the North is not the best of options. South Korea and Japan must realize that they stand to lose the most in the case of a US bombing of North Korea. It is imperative that they put pressure on America to obviate the strike option for the simple reason that South Korea will suffer the most.

There could be a nuclear war with over 1 million deaths. Donald Trump is a realist, but he is rattling the sword.

It is about time somebody told him to calm down. Finally one has a question as to why is the US so concerned about the North Korean nuclear weapon program when it let China develop a massive nuclear arsenal in 1964. What did the US do then? Nothing ! I am afraid there is no explanation