The Walking Dead” Season 7 just recently ended with a lot of surprises and now the upcoming eighth season is being a talked-about. The show’s stars headed by Chandler Riggs, who plays the role of Carl, now tease the season premiere’s script.

In a series of tweets, the 17-year-old young actor is inviting the show’s fans and his followers to wait and see their upcoming return.

Carl hints season premiere

Riggs told his followers that he just finished reading the script of “The Walking Dead” Season 8’s first episode and he told him that it is so good.

“But, TBH, the coolest part of every year for me is between the airing of the season finale and getting the first script of the new season,” he said in a new tweet. He later explained that it is mainly because he, too, can speculate what will happen as he doesn’t know the real events yet.

It has been known that the television series’ cast has been talking about the season premiere every year. To recall, the previous season’s debut episode is the most brutal of them all as it features the death of the two most favorite characters; Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz).

Previous season recap

However, fans had the chance to see Carol (Melissa McBride) get back to her feet, although she parted ways with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group.

Of course, Daryl (Norman Reedus) continuously gives her hope by reminding here that there are still some people worth fighting for.

This is also the first time where Morgan (Lennie James) put blood in his hands when Ben got killed by the Saviors. He treated him as his son, thus his demise greatly affected him. In his effort to show that the world can still be beautiful amidst the apocalypse, they killed him.

Hence, in “The Walking Dead” Season 8, fans shouldn’t be surprised if he will be the one to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

New season might be delayed

It has been said that in the return of “The Walking Dead” Season 8, there will be an all-out war between Rick and Negan’s groups. However, it looks like there will be a big problem coming as the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is having a misunderstanding.

If the two didn’t settle their agreement -- higher salary and better healthcare -- by May 1, the WGA will be on a strike.

“Should this occur, writing for television, feature films, and digital series will cease,” executive director David J. Young said (per UPROXX). “Some scripted series scheduled to air in the summer of 2017 may be affected as writing and producing for the season is ongoing.” Hence, the upcoming new season of “The Walking Dead” will be affected.