Jeff Sessions is a tool of President trump whose usefulness depends on his capacity to calmly deliver policies that on examination have wheels within wheels. The job of Jeff Sessions is not just to keep President Trump out of trouble. That is impossible. Failing that, his job is to implement evasive strategies that will turn the public's eye from the man in the White House toward a scapegoat somewhere. It could be those bloodthirsty criminals pouring over the nonexistent wall. It could be anyone of any minority unfortunate enough to commit a crime that can be held up as the equivalent of a national crisis.

The Assange headline grabber

The Assange thing is evident from the New York Times account below. It gets attention. The Justice Department is merely considering charging Assange. But this will be enough to put the story out there. The Justice Department knows that Trump himself has praised WiliLeaks but this serves the purpose of distancing Trump from anything to do with complicity in getting to be President with the help of Russia. Finally, it suggests that the administration will not tolerate leaking of any sort. That is a laugh. What it means is that the administration will leak its heart out and prosecute any communicator whose statements offend.

Trump and ISIS both want the same thing in France

The best thing that could be said of Donald Trump is that he did not want the consequences of what he reflexively promotes. Unless the man is simply inclined to evil, that would be an avenue of redemption.

Consider. ISIS claims an act of violence in an iconic area of what is no longer gay Paree but somber Paris. The right wing candidate in the forthcoming election is not certain of winning.

Trump tweets away as usual. This time he says that the ISIS attack will have a big effect on Sunday's election. It is a dog whistle as usual.

Vote for Marine Le Pen. That is exactly what ISIS wants as well. It is why Russia wanted Trump. It is an effort to disrupt the West. It is an attack on civilization. It is alright to be philistine at times but to make it the 100 percent lifestyle becomes neither president nor his followers.

The death of binary

We are in a war but it is not the war Trump believes in or promotes. It is a war within each person and the result will determine whether we assent to a violent and divided and intolerant world or choose one based on tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Binary philosophy has ruled in the past. It cannot be allowed to persist. The decision is within us all.