While facing threats of retaliation from Russia for his attacks on Syria, President Donald trump is being confronted with the upcoming Trump tax march this weekend. The march, which is being conducted by average American citizens, is being lodged to demand that Trump release all of his tax returns. Traditionally, Presidents release their tax returns every April because federal and state taxes are due in April. This year, however, which is the first year of the Trump Presidency, it appears that President Trump, who apparently has something hide, will not release his tax returns.

Why the release is important

The release of Trump's tax returns is vital for many reasons. First of all, the release would prove that the President has nothing to hide. Conversely, his refusal to release such information indicates the opposite. Secondly, the release is vital because finally, Americans will know how much Trump has earned over recent years, and what his sources of income are. It also will indicate if Trump has conflicts of interests as a President who may be profiting from the decisions that he makes as President, especially as they pertain to the economy, tax write-offs, and regulatory laws that pertain to private industry.

Last but not least, the release of Trump's tax information will inform Americans once and for all about the extent of Trump's foreign interests.

Once Americans are privy to this information, they will able to ascertain if Trump personally is profiting from his decisions pertaining to trade, foreign corporations, and treaties with foreign countries. This will make the Administration much more transparent than it is now and it will make it much easier for the media and average American citizens to gauge whether or not Trump is profiting from his decisions, foreign and domestic.

In matters of war

The implications of Trump's release of his tax records are stifling when one considers the threat of war and military engagement. It is of the utmost importance to all Americans to know whether or not the President is enriching himself as he makes military engagement decisions and sends Americans to war. So long as Americans are not able to review Trump's tax records, an aura of suspicion will encircle the Trump Administration.

"Man up" Donald

Donald, the moment of truth is upon you now. It is time to "man up" and release your tax records. Let the chips fall where they may. You are not going to gain the trust of the American People until you become transparent; you are not transparent until you have released your tax records. It is time to grow up and face your constituents, even the ones in the swing states. Failure to release your tax records just may cause those states to swing the other way in 2020, that is, if you choose to face the electorate again in another campaign.

Attacks from Paul Ryan

Meanwhile, Trump is facing an onslaught of attacks from Kentucky GOP Senator Paul Ryan for his attack on Syria last week. Paul is advising other members of Congress, including the House of Representatives in which articles of impeachment are initiated, that the Constitution requires that the President seek Congressional approval before attacking foreign countries unless the attacks are a direct response to an attack on American soil.