So shots are fired into the office of someone who does not believe we cause climate change. Fake news? Who knows? We will doubtless have a war of words over who was responsible, which binary side of the argument. All lose in binary arguments.

What we are witnessing every day is not just a sad torment of those who are weak and vulnerable but also a war against the Future. Anyone who can see and breathe is aware that we change the climate. We knew that when we were kids. All the science around us says is that when we befoul the air as a global population we have a major effect.

It is not just exhaust fumes and smoke stack detritus, It is this multiplied by every toxic substance our one percent corporations allow to go up into the sacred air.

Facebook's popularity fetish

The war is against the future and Facebook is wrong if it thinks the news can be doled out on the basis of our personal preferences. Truth does not care about our preferences. The truth is reality that impinges on our reality and either gains assent or not. The world is round. Believe what you will. The person who shot into the climate change office was warring against a future which will completely up-end the present.

We are moving toward goodness

The early thinkers who saw cyber as liberating were not wrong.

Those who provide data to show that we are in fact making some progress are not wrong. The one percent and their minions, and the minions are many, have an investment in not allowing the future to unfold.

This is why Mr. Tillerson had to adopt a pseudonym to engage in a conversation with someone about the actual prospects for oil.

These prospects have been known for fifty years and, because we rely on cars and oil products, we play ostrich. We are moving toward goodness because our survival now depends on it. Goodness comes down to individuals and how we treat one another.

The future is reasonable

You do not need to be intellectual to know what reason is.

It is common sense. It is abduction in the philosophical use of the term. It is our general capacity to guess right. When we wonder why then we have wars and horrible conflicts, the reason is often accretions of power that have literally disfigured the world, made it ugly when it was once a paradise.

Corporate sloth

Accretion is a good word for what our corporate-driven sloth has created, whether we look at plastic in the ocean or for buried ancient cigarette butts in the dirt. When we honor hierarchy more than we do the person, we vacate reason and get lost in the fog of war. Reason is always good even down to delaying any decision to fight until there is consensus on the need to do so.

We need to see reality as all, to see ethics as essential and to regard our actions and expressions as aesthetic in nature. This is a universal formula for thought and action that leads to progress.