“The Vampire Diaries” may be over, but the love of the show isn’t. Fans continue to discuss the storylines, the characters they loved, and the characters they hated. There are a few characters that are often forgotten about, mainly because they weren’t that great. In fact, they were pointless and offered nothing to push the storylines forward in a major way. Here’s a look at some of the most pointless characters from “TVD” throughout the eight seasons.

Megan King

If you don’t remember her, don’t worry! She wasn’t exactly a major player. There was an opportunity, but it was more like she was introduced to show us the horrors of the Augustine Vampire (Enzo).

Megan was Caroline and Elena’s roommate at college in “The Vampire Diaries” season 6. It looked like she was going to discover the world of the supernatural but was killed before she had a chance to becoming interesting.

Logan Fell

It’s a shame that the Fells never became bigger players, considering they were one of the founding families of Mystic Falls. Anyway, Logan was introduced in the earlier seasons of the show as a journalist and became Jenna’s boyfriend. He was killed off pretty quickly when Vicki Donovan fed on him to complete her vampire transformation. Turned into a vampire himself, Logan caused a little havoc before becoming one of Alaric’s victims.


This silent man had some mystery around him at first, when he was introduced in “The Vampire Diaries season 7.

Unfortunately, the mystery and intrigue didn’t stick around. When he was killed, fans didn’t exactly mourn or really even care. It was just another death to push forward a small plot, but nothing overly shocking. Maybe it didn’t help that this was the point in which some fans wondered if “TVD” would be cancelled. It also didn't help that the heretics weren't quite what they were promised to be.

Do you agree with this list? Now that “The Vampire Diaries” season 8 is on Netflix, you get the chance to watch all the episodes back to back. Take a look at the most forgettable characters on the show and decide who were a waste of time for you.