In America, the LBGT community has the right to protest peacefully. When Barack Obama was president, he signed executive orders that would prevent lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender citizens from discrimination, In the Kremlin, there are no rights for those who are different. According to SBS News, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta has confirmed that three Gay Men are dead, and over 100 have been arrested in Chechnya. A 28-year-old gay man was quoted as saying he is afraid for his life because homosexual men are disappearing without a trace.

The paper stated that Chechnya is ruled by Ramzan Kadyrov, a Putin loyalist and that an official crackdown against the LBGT community was taking place.

In denial

A representative of Kadyrov, a Mr. Karimov was interviewed. He was quoted as saying that you cannot "detain and oppress," people who do not exist in the region. Karimov went on to say that if "any such people," lived in the area, the officials would not have to deal with them because their families would. This is serious denial and a gross injustice to basic human rights. Pretending that gay individuals do not exist, will not make them go away. Locking them up, or taking their lives is just plain evil.

The young gay man who was interviewed said he wanted to leave his country because it is not safe.

He told a tale of having to live in secret, and not being able to trust anyone. He said sometimes it is family and friends who attack those who are LBGT. The article quoted Mikhail Tomasov, an activist for gay rights. On his Facebook page, he said no tradition or religion should be used to kidnap or murder anyone.

Truth can bring death

Americans are guaranteed freedom of speech. Those living in the Russian providence of Chechnya seem to have no rights. Even journalists come under fire for speaking the truth in the Kremlin. It can get you killed. Three journalists for Novaya Gazeta have been murdered. It's believed they died because this publication is very critical of the Kremlin, and the Russian government. Obviously, in Russia no human rights are respected.