The state of California is on a path to become what is, in essence, the first “sanctuary state.” According to Hot Air, a bill to that effect has just passed the state Senate and is headed for the state Assembly that will not only forbid California law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE by holding illegal immigrants who have been charged with a crime for deportation, by would mandate that they actively bar federal agents from having access to criminals subject to being ejected from the country. The law would compel California law enforcement to commit Obstruction Of Justice, which is a crime punishable by up to a year in prison.

If the California passes the bill and it is enforced, look for the Trump administration to do more than just cut off law enforcement block grants. The first move will be to take California to federal court to have the law stricken from the books as a violation of the supremacy clause. The feds would be well within their rights to start arresting Local Police if they do decide the follow the new state law and violate federal law. It may not come to that, depending on how sensible the federal courts are. But then again, we are talking about the 9th Circuit, so packed with left wing judges that it seems to think that the Constitution is comprised of helpful suggestions. The matter will likely be resolved by the Supreme Court.

That any state of the union, even California, would contemplate passing a bill that requires its citizens to openly defy federal law illustrates the depths to which Trump Derangement Syndrome have been delved. One is reminded of the attitudes of some Southern states during the Jim Crow era, resisting federal efforts to enact civil rights.

That effort did not end well for the racists and segregationists of that era.

Perhaps, at some point, the people of California will awaken and realize that they have elected a government of crazy people, enraptured with every weird idea coming from the fever swamps of the left, hell bent on taking the state of rack and ruin. Otherwise, who knows how bad things will get?