When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the demographics showed that he was supported overwhelmingly by white males. An increase in votes from Caucasian men was said to be the reason Mr. Trump won the election. Now however, with less than 100 days in office, several new studies indicate that the POTUS is losing the support of those who voted him in as the 45th president.

The survey says

A new report from Investors Business DailyTechno Metrica/Market Intelligence (IBD/TIPP) indicates that white men are now fleeing from the president, and that his overall approval rating is down to 34 percent.

A survey done by Quinnipiac has found that only 35 percent of voters polled approved of the job the POTUS is doing. Quinnipiac also reported that a majority of white males, and a "plurality of white voters," now disapprove of President Trump. Results of a Gallop poll showed that 39 percent of those surveyed approved of the President, and 55 percent were disappointed with his performance.

Why are white males fleeing?

Several reasons were given for why the president is losing ground with white males, who were his core voters. Three of them are, the failure of the American Health Care Act, the Russian scandal, and the continued negative coverage of the president in the media. While not mentioned in the surveys, the president's constant tweeting, and the fake news about the wiretapping probably also played a part.

The president has shown he has an obsession with numbers. He argued that he had more people in attendance at his inauguration than Barack Obama, even when it was proved that this was not true. He said he was going to launch an investigation into voter fraud, because he insisted that more than 3,000 illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton.

He made this up because Hillary won the popular vote. No investigation was ever started. The president is probably not pleased with these results, and when asked, will no doubt say he is not losing support from white males. If he stays true to form, the Donald will say it is fake news.