According to the Animal Pet Products Association, there are 88.3 million dogs in the United States, living in close to 57 million homes. The APPA compiled results regarding dangerous dogs from three independent studies. One was based on research done in America in 2016. Another study was conducted between 2005-2016. A third was done in Canada and the United States between 1982 and 2014. All three came to the same conclusion regarding canine species. The Pit Bull is the most dangerous Dog Breed of all.

The aggression of Pit Bull terriers

The study done in the U.S.

and Canada between 1982 and 2014 indicates that pits bulls attacked 3,397 individuals, and killed 295. According to, pit bulls were responsible for 22 of 31 dog bite-related deaths in 2016. That's a whopping 71 percent. In a growing number of cases, these animals are not attacking random strangers. They are mauling their owners, and worse, killing the children they live in the homes with. These result echo an article that was in the now defunct Yahoo Contributor Network about 5 years ago. The author cited studies which indicated that pit bulls kill more people, than all other dog breeds combined. Even so, not everyone can agree on the danger of this vicious breed of canine, nor on how to handle the situation regarding attacks and deaths.

The controversy over what should be done

There has been ongoing controversy over how to handle this situation. In America people are divided over whether to have all pit bulls put down, or to hold the owners responsible when they attack. On Sunday in Quebec, dog owners and animal activists were protesting because of a decision to eventually ban pit bulls from the region.

The proposed law is bill 128, which would allow the banning of any dog breed deemed dangerous. It's being argued that pet owners rather than the animals themselves are the ones who should be held responsible. This does not address the issue that at times, these vicious dogs do not obey their owners. If the breed is banned, and the offending animals are put down, the issue resolves itself.

With growing evidence from all these studies, it's hard to understand why anyone would risk owning a pit bull. What reason would anyone in America or Canada have for risking the lives of strangers, family, friends, children, or themselves? How can any human being read about an elderly person or a baby in a crib, defenseless against these vicious brutes, being torn to pieces and dying a horrible death? Anyone who is considering owning a pet may want to think twice before obtaining an animal whose breed is classified as the most vicious in America and Canada. Statistics indicating that this species is killing more humans than all other dogs combined should not be ignored. It's better to take precautions that will save lives, rather than ignore the fact that this dog breed is taking lives.