Mainstream media - which regularly distributes Democratic Party talking points, including fake Russian news designed to discredit Pres. Trump - would have you believe the Republican Party is doomed should it choose to vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Nothing could be further from the truth. It will take far more than partisan headlines and obstructionism by Democrats to put a dent in the tall red wall built by Barack Obama, #Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in recent years.

Mainstream media gets it wrong again

Barely 2 ½ months into the Trump administration, consumer confidence is soaring, the stock market is setting records almost weekly and American exports just logged their best month in two years.

At the same time, Republicans are deregulating unnecessary, burdensome regulations and are set to confirm Gorsuch, who will replace deceased Supreme Court justice Scalia. Mainstream media and Democrats have reserved their first-string players for protesting, filibustering, and aiming bitterly partisan editorials at Republicans who may use the Democrats’ own “Nuclear Option” to approved Gorsuch as 41 Democrats drag their feet. Meanwhile, second-tier mainstream media journalists continue generating fake news stories that suggest the Russians are in control of American elections and that’s the real reason their candidate, electronic-mail and classified-information expert Hillary Clinton, lost in November.

Americans wise to Democrats' hypocrisy

Here’s why the Democratic Party and mainstream media’s ridiculous obsession with the “nuclear option” will be ignored by voters: Democrats created the rule in 2013 to get Pres. Obama’s federal judicial candidates confirmed. Yes, the “nuclear option” is the Democrats' baby.

When then-Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his cohorts created the procedure to avoid Republican filibusters, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called it “an affirmative win for democracy." For her part, Rachel Maddow gleefully shouted: “This is a huge freaking deal….”

CNN’s Paul Begala deemed the Democrats’ new Senate rule to be “necessary” and blamed Republicans for the Democrats’ own creation of the “nuclear option” that requires a simple majority instead of a 60-vote supermajority to confirm justices.

Another CNN commentator, Ron Brownstein, approved of the Democrats’ nuclear option even stronger: “The idea of requiring a super majority for the president to appoint his nominees is just anachronistic.” Left-wing media was similarly impressed. A Los Angeles Times editorial headline published November 22, 2013, chimed, “Democrats bust the filibuster, and good for them.” The shortsighted Times’ editorial staff declared the move a “comeuppance for arrogant Republicans.” The New York Times’ editorial board, barely able to contain its exuberance, proclaimed “Democracy Returns to the Senate.”

Fast-forward and Democrats are using mainstream media to condemn those dastardly Republicans for threatening to use the “nuclear option” that the Democrats created under Harry Reid. Hypocrisy aside, it’s time for the Democratic Party and mainstream media to take a long look in a mirror.