Sean Hannity was merely a liar back when Obama was being regularly trashed by him, a neophyte campaigner on his way to the White House. Obama sliced and diced him on the Reverend Wright matter and gave a speech in Philadelphia on race that probably helped him send John McCain back to the Senate.

I always thought Sean was instrumental in helping Obama to victory. Now the fellow has filled out and secured his position until, whoops!

Now even Sean is being accused of sexual things. He confronts a network that seems destined to become known as the epicenter of office sleaze. It matters not if he is defending FOX or attacking someone there. It matters not if he tweets or broadcasts. He is front and center these days, with Ailes and O'Reilly put to pasture and Kelly smiling somewhere far away.

Pentagon Flynn probe sends warning

Yes, the Pentagon does investigations too. With all that money pouring into the military, they must do something. General Flynn has been in trouble since he teamed up with one Donald Trump. The two are not that different, but Trump is luckier and richer and Flynn cannot get away with things as easily.

So now Flynn, who could not market his story to Congress in exchange for immunity, is across the Potomac reckoning with fellow servicepeople.

There is a problem with Flynn. You know that whatever tale he might tell is not necessarily the truth. He shares this trait with Trump. They say what they think will serve them at the moment. We all do more or less. But it gets difficult when you have lots of eyes on you. It helps to be a president who can appoint all the protection he needs.

Flynn is probably going to jail but there is a problem. He will remind people of the man in the White House who tweeted a plea that Flynn be given immunity. One would not wish to be in the General's shoes.

Trying to pin Trump down is impossible

I swear. I tried to pin Trump down this morning but the man is on speed or something.

I know he said something about NAFTA but when I looked he was saying all sorts of things and none of them corresponded to the other. I try to find out what he thinks about North Korea and one minute he is all relying on China and the next minute he is getting alarmingly vague. I try to find out about his consciousness and find out that he is upset at being president. It's too hard. This is a stream of consciousness folks. This is not crazy, it is an actual look into our own heads, only we have layers between us and the world. With Trump the layers are nonexistent. We get real time speed brain.

Here is the man's most recent tweet. Go figure!