No faces today. An open road. Feel good. There. Now to the liberating news as an opinion which is what news is mostly is. The truth is ambient mostly. From this fallible place, I opine that Obamacare is sullied but still the law of the land. This will give opponents more time to complain and make those with serious conditions a little safer in states where waivers are like candy. trump after trying to con us into believing that it is he and not us that create prosperity has failed to convince us that he is not proposing a robbery that dwarfs all such crimes period.

Arkansas in a resolute effort to bring solace to victims of horrible crimes is in the spotlight for trying to turn the death penalty into a pharma event. All told, it is a week to bundle up and toss in the garbage. Today is the first day if the rest of our lives.

All news is wrong, so is most opinion

The news is a charade as is opinion. We are players. But there are some things that have a hint of truth if we hear it enough. This first thing, for example. Actually, all that business about Obamacare surviving is more opinion than news. The truth is the GOP does not have the votes to kill it. They will keep trying until the electorate lets them know. Enough already.

Now we are on firmer ground

Trump's tax page -- it was one page, kindergarten -- was lucid enough in its intent to make it possible for experts to dub it a transfer of wealth to the wealthy.

Trump has already made this heist clear by suggesting, as he has in the past, we give over fifty billion to our bloated military and take it from essential services like protection from airborne diseases. The details are pretty clear. Take away the estate tax and you will create a new class of plutocrats for which we do not yet have a name -- literally, I cannot think of one.

You can.

Now to the nadir

In Arkansas, there were several problems. One is that when there is a murder it creates victims of the crime beyond the deceased.

If you live in North Carolina and have charity in your makeup you learn to forgive, but that is not the drill when you cross the Mississippi heading west. So politically capital punishment is a winner. If you can turn the story into a pharma cliffhanger, well and good. An inhumane execution is the king of oxymorons. But Arkansas has been having a string of them. The only hope in this tacky situation is that there is an afterlife where the killers can make peace with their victims and mutually sympathize with all the earthly parties to this grisly process.