Tragic shooting in San Bernardino

In tragic California news, and a disturbing trend that must become curbed through stronger gun ownership laws to prevent these atrocities upon our children, a deadly school shooting has taken place in a San Bernardino Elementary School. Two adults were shot dead on sight, in an attack the authorities claim is a double-murder/suicide, as two student victims of the assassin suffered injuries upon admittance to a local hospital (Fox News). The incident happened around 10 a.m. local time at the North Park Elementary school in San Bernardino.

However, the police reported that the situation has been contained, as the school is currently on lockdown.

One of the victims of the shooter was a teacher at San Bernardino Elementary, so maximum containment is Bernardino's top security priority to ensure no such future incidents ever occur again. This tragic news report, is clear evidence that America needs better gun laws, as our current policies are a disaster that have allowed disturbed individuals, many with undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses, to realize their demons with the ugliest societal impact imaginable.

Better gun control needed

Better gun control means less school shootings, never more. If we as America do not stand up and fight for better gun control, this tragedy will become the norm.

Our failed gun policy has just cost two people their lives, harmed an educational institution responsible for the safety and welfare of both teachers and students, and these discrepancies in school security must evolve to respond to the epidemic. Stricter gun control ensures weapons do not fall into the wrong hands, therefore, outside of our military command, access to deadly firearms needs to become more restrictive, not less.

Our children are paying the price for this lack of accountability on lethal weapons. If the law is ineffective at keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, then the law is a failure and must be abolished for public and national security. When in the course of human events a law becomes tyrannical, unjust, and fails to live up to its promises, the only American action is to break an unjust law, to ensure the stability and safety of future generations. Our children must come first and foremost, and keeping weapons around them without strong and loving parental role models ensures more destruction will follow.