A Maryland honor student faces up to 50 years in prison after plotting a mass shooting at her high school. Nichole Cevario, 18, was intercepted by her own father after he found a journal, shotgun, and materials to make bombs in her room. The weapons never made it onto school property and authorities say that none of the material found was ever compiled into an actual explosive device. They also said that no one else was involved or knew of the plot. Per details in the diary, Cevario was planning for the mass shooting to end in her suicide.

Found in Cevario’s room

The Sheriff’s Department reported that they searched the Cevario residence and found several items linked to potential use in a massacre. They found fireworks, magnesium tape, fuse material, pipes with end caps, and a shotgun with ammunition.

The key evidence in the case was found in Cevario’s journal. A mass shooting was clearly being brainstormed in it. The journal entry was dated back in December 2016. It had a timeline of events to take place, her expectations, and the name of her high school with the date of execution staged to be set in April, along with her suicide.

The Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said Cevario had contemplated for quite some time.

He said, “It shocks the conscience to see that someone of that age could be thinking like this.” (ABC).

A father’s response

Last week the suspect's father told authorities at Catoctin High School in Thurmont, MD, that his daughter was a violent threat to the institution. Nichole Cevario was swiftly removed from the building and taken into police custody.

At that time, she seemed to be a threat to herself so she was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

Federal investigators were able to obtain a warrant for her arrest quickly. Law enforcement removed Nichole Cevario from Catoctin High School the same day they found the evidence in her room. A sheriff informed the public that she was arrested for explosive materials and incendiary material possession while intending to create a destructive device. The arrest warrant will be implemented once she's released from the hospital, the sheriff's office said.