The last time the public saw Bill Cosby it was quite obvious that he wasn't seeing very well. He walked with a cane and was held up by people on both sides of him.

Now it has been reported that Bill Cosby is completely blind and is not leaving his home in Pennsylvania. The 79-year-old actor and comedian has endured a lot over the past years.

He has been accused of raping over a dozen womenfor as long as 47-years-ago. Cosby has denied all the allegations. However, that has not kept him from been found guilty by public opinion. He has lost sponsors and credibility with people, companies, and schools that honored him in the past.

Cosby's eye problem

Cosby's health is failing. His main ailment is his eye problem. He is suffering from a degenerative eye disorder called keratoconus.Keratoconus is easy to spot in people who have it because the eye looks like it is bulging.

The cornea of the eye begins to thin and change from its original shape. From the photo above, people can see that one of Cosby's eyes is different from a normal eye. It seems as though Cosby has keratoconus in only his right eye.

Cosby's confinement

The accused comedian is said to have lost all his once loyal friends. He is surrounded mostly by his wife, Camille, and his paid lawyers.

The lawyers were the ones seen leading him by the arm during his last preliminary hearing on May 24 at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

His eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit since then.

Rape victims' response to Cosby's blindness

According to several reports, those women who have accused Cosby of rape are having no mercy on him. They believe if he never goes to prison, he is already in "his own personal hell."

Some are believing that this is his karma for the wrong he has caused them and for consistently claiming his innocence.

How will blindness affect the outcome of his rape cases?

Ajudge has already ruled that the embattled comedian will stand trial on all of the charges that have been filed against him.

He could be sentenced up to 10 yearsif he is convicted. The judge's decision had no bearing on the condition of Cosby's eyes. As of now, no date has been set for the sexual assault trial for any of the women.