Minimal Big bomb spin is in motion. The first nugget, possibly true, is summed up in the phrase "total authorization". Using the added phrase "mother of all bombs" to describe the weapon used is also suggestive. It tells the world we have a weapon that can take out a square mile. "Total authorization" is the President's phrase. it suggests the military is now free to act with at least some autonomy. That is a change.

Destroying caves is hard

An explanation comes via Axios: "This was the right weapon for the right time," according to Gen. John W. Nicholson who added that the region hit could not be penetrated by soldiers on the ground.

That is logical and has been known for decades. President Trump has maintained what seems like an unusual silence, The families of the dead ISIS persons have not been heard from.

Air can create water

We do know about rain, but MIT and the University of California-Berkeley now believe they are on the verge of launching a gadget that can create moisture in the most arid areas of the world. Sunlight hits porous material with just enough energy to create vapor from water molecules. Axios says the trick is using "metal-organic frameworks ... made of molecules held together with metal atoms."

War and peace

Uber booms amid criticism

Uber is a disruptor of business as usual and is subject to a high degree of scrutiny.

It has mixed reviews. But Uber is a child despite its heft. It is the child of a gadget. It operates on the fascination of achieving things. It is one of the early heralds of cybercommunity. a blanket term for thinking about a somewhat better world.

You may access Uber's earnings report at the tweet above.

It can be said that Uber is a training ground for learning how to live in the cyber era where not only small gadgets rule but, as Buckminster Fuller knew, things increase in size. From our phones comes the new model of business, trumping coal. Next comes early fruits of 3D printing which has already printed out small houses.

We are the mix

We will find that the hardest thing to change in this era of incremental, mega-change is ourselves. Amazingly, we are beginning to see such change is not only possible but probable. Reality is the total mix of everything and so are we. Only we have the freedom to make choices. That has always been the case.

Maybe the appropriate thing to do on Holy Saturday is pray for the ISIS folk we killed with our big bomb. Maybe add a thank you to reality for the prospect of making the desert bloom.