Choate is one of the one percent, first class schools that can charge massive tuitions because massive wealth sits out in those exurbs and ponies up on demand. Scholarships for the plebes are doled out and all is utopian until it emerges that the school has been a den of Sexual Abuse. Choate is where Jack Kennedy went. Exeter is another such place, probably a trifle higher in the universe of privilege.

Choate, Exeter, etc.

But today, as in the Roman Catholic Church over decades, as with one-percent right wingers at FOX getting caught in the act, and as in prep school after prep school, sexual abuse marches on.

One day it will hit families where in some cultures abuse and honor killings are synonymous. What harms is evil. Sexual abuse harms. The New York Times says the problem isn't new at Choate, It has gone on for decades.

A damning report

The trustees of Choate Rosemary Hall (the result of a merger with a girl's school) commissioned a study. Today the Times published the results. For example, as many as a dozen teachers over the years molested and in one instance raped students. The teachers got off with recommendations following receipt of letters of resignation. Criminal law is for the plebes. Watch for more prep school abuse fallout.

China lowers the boom

If you think the era of the one percent is not fraught with danger, listen to China today. According to Twitter Moments, US-North Korea hostilities could happen at any moment.

OK, fast forward. Trump unloads a big bomb on North Korea after boasting about bringing ISIS to its knees with the same mega-weapon. What then?

Does the world bow its head and say "who is that masked man?" Does the world say "power is greatness as long as we ice the bad guys?" Is Mr. Trump, the soul of reality TV, giving everyone a lesson in what reality really is?

Things synthesize

Hegel may not have been entirely right about everything, but neither is anyone else. Hegel was right though when he said things synthesize.

The reality in the US is that we are not that divided. The real division is filthy rich and plebes. In the middle is everyone who used to be middle class and still has enough income to hold on.

The alleged division is among the politically correct, careful, cowardly liberal elites and the Charles Bronson sorts who salivate when their leader smiles and types MAGA at the end of a tweet.

When you put it all together

We are learning that reality is all. We are seeing that history is the same no matter what. We are realizing that if anyone wants to change something a little, it can be done. It is within individuals to do it.