It was 32 years ago today, April 6th, 1985. Christians were observing Good Friday. At 12 noon, the world was united as one. More than 5,000 radio stations simultaneously played "We Are The World." The song was recorded by some of the biggest names in the music industry to raise money for hungry people in Africa. The effort was spearheaded by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, produced by Quincy Jones, and arranged by Michael Omartian. I recall how everyone in the office where I worked at the time simply stopped what they were doing to listen to the song.

A moment of power

It was a moment of powerful reflection, to know that people all around the world were all focused on the same thing. The "We Are The World" recording had been a smash hit. Talented singers checked their ego's at the door to do something for charity. Quite a contrast to all the difficulties we see today. Entertainers of various genres, backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs stood together for the good of mankind, and one song was heard round the world.

Time marches on

Time marches on and life changes. 32 years ago, "the business" was somewhat different than today. Celebrities preferred privacy, and did not brag about their talent or their money. They did not show off their homes, and their children were shielded from the business.

Such a stark contrast to today's entertainers. The modern era music industry is filled with egos, feuds, occult symbolism, and attitudes. Today's entertainers openly talk about devil worship and produce music that is so profanity-filled, it has to be bleeped out on many stations.

All of this is normal to those who have grown up in this era, but some of us recall a better day.

April 6th, 1985 seems so far removed from the world we live in today. No one balked at the song being played on Good Friday, because they were not Christian. The joint collaboration raised millions, and the song won 4 Grammy awards. A "We Are The World 25" was done in 2010 to benefit Haiti, but it was not quite the same. Some of the singers on the original recording have passed away. They include Michael Jackson and George Michael.